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Preparing for Retirement

Have You Started Thinking About Your Retirement?

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement. Most folks these days are looking for jobs that provide retirement savings plans and are opening up savings account for their retirement, but haven’t thought much farther than that. Well, if you’re 25 or 55 – it’s important to not only start thinking about your finances during retirement, but also where you might want to end up!

Below are our two favorite retirement communities in Rancho Santa Fe.

The Bridges

The Bridges is one of the best communities in Rancho Santa Fe for retirees to live the rest of their lives sedately and in luxury. The first thing they get to enjoy when setting up residence in this community is the fact that it bears a strong resemblance to the landscapes featured in Northern Tuscany. The community is a mix of retirees and families and is very excusive. Another feature of The Bridges is the fact that there is a private country club for residents looking for a place to mingle with others or just enjoy a quiet time.

With over 550 acres covered by this community, the natural features are reminiscent of paradise and it gets its name from the seven bridges that are among its natural terrain. The total number of residences is over 240 with each of them being at least 2000 square foot so space is something you also never have to worry about. If you are a private individual or you are looking for a location where you can be secure as well as protect your privacy without worry, the community is also gated with visitors having to be cleared by residents.

The community also features a club house and golf course for when you need something to occupy your time, If you are one to remain active regardless of your retirement, then you can take a stroll or jog through the stunning landscape with its three acres of vineyards. Hiking is also something that is possible due to the presence of deep canyons.


The hillside community of Cielo in Rancho Santa Fe is also a good place to call home during the period of retirement. The community offers exclusivity and serves as home to luxury houses and custom built home sites which are graced a sweeping view of the San Diego coasts due to their high vantage points. The view provided to residents of the community covers Coronado Islands, Lake Hodges all the way to La Jolla. So during your retirement, you have the benefit of waking up and going to sleep with this view at your doorstep.

Security and privacy are guaranteed to residents due to the Gate House that has security personnel within it 24 hours every day. To maintain an active life, you can always make use of the recreational amenities provided by the community such as the community pool, community spa, tennis courts, fitness center, basketball court, volleyball court. You can also take a day off and walk through the neighborhood and take a picnic at the picnic pavilion.

There is a great shopping plaza within the community and it also serves as host to several shops and dining areas in the community. The presence of a fountain at the center of the piazza makes it a gathering point for members of the community. If you are an avid equestrian, then the community is close to the Rancho Riding Club and Del Mar Horse Park.