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Daily Archive: May 15, 2016

Fairbanks Ranch Real Estate for Sale

Sold-Albany-Real-Estate-Young-Home-BuyersLocated in the heart of Ranch Santa Fe,San Diego is one the newest gated communities in the area.With over 20 exclusive homes, this ranch is just a delight to see.With various social amenities like paddle boats in the lake, clubhouse, volleyball and tennis court, horse facilities and many more, the luxury homes are just the best.The smallest homes has the at least 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with the cheapest home being just over $2.3 million and the most expensive being below $5 million dollars.More so, the smallest home is just under 5, 000 Square Feet while the largest is just over 10, 000 square feet.


The Fairbanks Ranch Real Estate is very much ideal for living because it has a school nearby for children to go to should a family decide to settle in, Solana Santa Fe Elementary School.It also has among the best manicured and landscaped lawns in the area and a very secured easy distance to the freeway, a cool link up to the outside world.The Real Estate also boosts of being nearby the Del Royo Shopping Plaza which has exclusive outlets from banks to a gym and to food services.Basically, this is just convenience brought closer to your living.The Real Estate even offer an ideal lifestyle for private living, where one cannot mind ones business.

The Fairbanks Ranch Real Estate offers various ways of acquisitions from mortgages to full payment to income addition, there is numerous competition by realtors to sell in these exclusive piece of land. From agents to owners , to even homes still being under construction, the real estate is on the limelight of home acquisition in San Diego.The listings have even foreclosed one and pre-foreclosure to be able to attract customers in the homes.More so, even realtors have put online calculators to enable one at least know the deposit and amount of money to be paid afterwards.In addition, the existing owners also have numerous ways of dispensing these properties to the ones incoming.


The Social Media frenzy that the Fairbanks Ranch Real Estate has attracted gives one an in depth of what the Ranch has to offer from numerous photos, videos, customized search engines optimization, one can just double click on what he/she wants, figure the amount, plan or even call the agent or owner to buy the home.It has been listed as one of the most searched piece of land in San Diego and you can guess why.

Fairbank Ranch Real Estate is a sight to behold and being one the most sought after gated-luxury homes in the area, its worth the money.The social amenities and the cool climate of San Diego also embodies the beauty that comes with these homes.More so, the neighbors from well known athletes, philanthropist and executives are just the ideal neighbors one can have.So if one is thinking of an ideal luxury home in San Diego, just open your browser, search for the homes and be ready to be knocked off your feet.