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Fairbanks Ranch Real Estate

dutch-harbor-79925_1920(1)The North County of San Diego has one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the great San Diego. Rancho Santa Fe is considered to be the crowning jewel as having the most exclusive neighborhoods in the area. Rancho Santa Fe itself is composed of some communities including Fairbanks Ranch. With a population of more than 3,200 people, Fairbanks is an upscale community. There are just a few Fairbanks ranch homes for sale as most of them have been occupied.

Fairbanks is mainly made of upper-middle-class families. Many of them have at least a graduate degree or a bachelor’s degree. As a part of the prestigious Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks has one of the most expensive real estates in the region. It is home to some of the most famous and successful individuals in the country. These include celebrities, socialites, captains of industry and even professional athletes.fairbanks-92054_1920

Fairbanks is located strategically close to luxurious amenities like shopping centers, recreational centers, excellent restaurants, beaches and much more. As pointed out previous homes in Fairbanks are relatively expensive and many of them are occupied. put the sale of a home in Fairbanks Ranch at $2,095,500. However, the prices listed at are slightly higher than the real rates on the ground. For instance, some homes can sell for as low as $2,000,000. The best homes are priced at some very high prices; they can reach to estimates of $10,000,000 making them some of the most expensive in the whole country

The homes are however worth their cost. At the time of writing this, there were but a few homes for sale in Fairbanks Ranch. There was one, seven bathroom, seven bedroom house listed at $3,950,000. Another listed at $3,495,000 has seven bathrooms, seven bathrooms and is 8500-sqaure feet in size.

Fairbanks luxury does not end just at the large homes. It is surrounded by social amenities giving the prestigious lifestyle that so many covet. These include courts for various sports, walking trails, a picnic area, a playground and much more.

The Fairbanks Village Plaza is the most prestigious shopping mall in the area offering most of the services you will need, from real estate offices, home improvement contractors, law offices and even a Fairbanks Rahumpback-1132769_1280nch Deli. It is a one-stop shop where all the goods and services that you may require. Rancho Santa Fe also has a small shopping center that encompasses a Mobil gas station, Kitchen Debonair, GSB Men’s Clothier, etc.

Fairbanks is close to some of the finest golf courses in the area. The Farms is one of these that has three nine-hole courses; members also enjoy elegant dining in the clubhouse. The Santaluz Club also has a golf course plus a tennis court, an indoor basketball court, a fine dining restaurant and other activities.

The Del Mar Country Club is also close to Fairbanks Ranch and has a golf course designed by Joseph Lee. There is also a tennis court, a fitness center, an Olympic Size swimming pool plus other social activities. There are other clubs like the Lomas Santa Fe Country Club that also has a golf course designed by William Bell.